Calculate composite factor scores after factor analysis

Calculate composite factor scores after factor analysis
After running Cronbach's alpha to check the reliability scale, you will run EFA factor analysis to confirm the model of your research, show how many factors.
If you continue to run the correlation and multivariate regression in SPSS, next step is to calculate composite factor scores representing these factors.

There are usually two methods to Calculate composite factor scores after factor analysis

Method 1. Creating Summated Scale

You can use the function to calculate the mean average of the observed variables of factors – this is applied quite popular because it is easy to explain
Enter menu Transform> Compute Variable

Calculate the average value of factor by using the mean() function in the numeric Expression of the SPSS


Method 2.

When analyzing EFA in SPSS, you select the button to save the Scores automatically (SPSS will calculate for you). Number calculated in this way has been standardized SPSS. According to experience,this way suitable for the observed variables with different units.


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