Spss Recode Into Different Variables

MBA Group hotrospss@gmail.com introduce how to use Recode function in SPSS, there are two types of recode: recode into the same variables and recode into new variables. This post is about recode into different variables. Create new variables without modify old variables.


For example you have Age variables which value is 10, 11, 12, 13, 14……49, 50, 60. Now you want divide into 3 group, group 1 have age range 10-30, group 2 have age range 31-40, group 3 have age range 41-60. The result is new variables AgeGroup is created. This variable have three value: 1, 2, and 3.

How to do in SPSS

On the menu Transform> Recode Into Different Variables

Dialog show here:

Add variable to Variable Output
Place names and labels for the new variables, such as AgeGroup, then click the Change button to notify SPSS variables that you want to recode. Do not forget to remember the Change button if not recode your command will fail.
Click the button Old and new value
Open dialog box “Recode Into Next different Variables: Old and New Values” to determine the transition between the old value and the new value respectively.

In this dialog, in turn declare the value of the old (Old Value on the left), corresponding to the new value (New Value on the right), with the kind of old values can be recoded as follows
–    Value: each discrete old value have 1 new value
–    System-missing
–    System or user missing
–    Range
–    Ranging from the minimum value to a defined value is entered (Lowest through … Range)
–    Between a value is entered to determine the maximum value (Range … through Highest)

Each time you finish a pair identify the old value and the new value specified, the Add button will appear to light up, press the button to put the old value pairs declared and this new value into the box Old -> New : (do not forget to click the Add button after each determined before a pair of old values – new)
Click the on Continue button, open Data View, Variables name AgeGroup just created here.

So you finish use Recode to create new variables.

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